We have made Waterford our home, let's make it yours

Whether you're new in town, a student looking to share with like minded people, a professional relocating from elsewhere or are looking to let a family home, regardless of your reasoning for looking accommodation in Waterford, Advance Property Care can help you. 

 As a fully licensed letting and management agency, we’ve a wide range of apartments and houses to suit every taste and budget.

We’ll give you a guided tour of suitable properties, answer any questions you may have and take care of all the paperwork. In short, we’ll make your move as easy as possible.

Things you will need

Please note that all of the following MUST be provided before any keys will be handed over:

  1. One month’s rent
  2. One month’s deposit
  3. Completed Application Form (incl. PPS no.)
  4. Previous landlord reference / guarantor *
  5. Work reference / character reference (if unemployed)
  6. Photo ID
  7. Copy of bank statement (account to be used for rent standing order)
  8. Copy of ESB and Bord Gais bills ** 

* Guarantor must be able to prove that they own their own property/business etc. and must present themselves at our premises with valid photo ID
** These are only required if you have previously held an account in your name


I moved to Waterford in 2013. I found the people in Advance Property Care very helpful and informative. They made everything so easy for me.
– Niamh Grogan


Who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property? 

The landlord is responsible for all maintenance of the property. It is the duty of the tenant to notify the landlord or his agent of any maintenance issues that arise, as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for the water and electricity bills? 

The tenant is responsible for these bills as they will be in the tenant’s name. In some cases, the rent will include utilities, but this will be made clear to you before you move in.

Are pets allowed in the property? 

Usually not, however it depends on the property you are renting and if the landlord has given you permission.

Do I need to insure my personal belongings? 

This is a matter of choice for the tenant, but we highly recommend that all tenants insure their belongings in the event of water damage, fire or theft because the landlord only insures their own contents and the building itself.

Do you accept rent allowance? 

Certain landlords will accept HAP Scheme. However, the landlord will not wait for the tenant to receive the allowance because it can take up to three months to process your application. Therefore, you must be able to afford full rent for this period of time.

Who looks after the TV license? 

The tenant is responsible for the TV license which can be purchased at any post office.

Who is responsible for all refuse charges? 

The tenant is responsible for all refuse charges, unless otherwise stated.

What happens if I break my lease? 

If the tenant breaks their lease without prior agreement with the landlord, the tenant will lose their deposit.

Get in Touch

If you’re a landlord with a property to let or a tenant looking for somewhere to rent, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any queries or specific requests, just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.